A Path To Smoke-Free Living

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Hypnosis Brisbane

We at Hypnosis Brisbane Clinic have successfully assisted tens of thousands of people in quitting smoking. In fact, stopping smoking is one of the primary reasons why patients come to the clinic, and hypnotherapy has been proven to be a successful method of doing so.

Numerous participants in Hypnosis in Brisbane Clinic’s Smoke-Free programme have attempted nicotine gum, laser therapy, treatment, and even medications. These might have failed.

our quit-smoking Brisbane hypnosis program helps people to get out of this habit.

People frequently attempt to stop smoking but fail for a variety of reasons, one of which is that they fail to recognise the mental and physical aspects of stopping. You must successfully overcome both habit and mental needs in addition to nicotine dependence if you want to stop smoking for good. By doing this under hypnosis, you may make sure that your behavioural patterns are changed permanently and without any discomfort.

About Smoke-Free

A personalized, 2-session treatment called Smoke-Free will help you stop smoking easily and effortlessly. The 90-minute initial session usually contains the following

  • evaluating your particular circumstance, answering any questions you may have, and assisting you with quitting by way of a therapeutic hypnotherapy session. As every client we encounter is different and because it’s crucial that therapy be tailored to each patient’s needs, this session is especially crucial.
  • As a follow-up to the initial session, your hypnotist will also provide you with audio to listen to throughout sessions that will help you stop smoking.
  • Your second consultation will typically follow the first one in about a week. Plan to stop smoking after this hypnotherapy session and leave the clinic.
  • Most clients don’t want to smoke and don’t have uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms without any difficulty

The recent “Quit smoking in sixty minutes – guaranteed” franchise advertising has received a lot of attention and discussion.

Our experience over the 25 years we’ve been helping individuals successfully quit smoking has taught us that a customised two-session programme is significantly more beneficial in the long run. In the past, we frequently offered one-session quit-smoking in Brisbane programmes.

We are concerned with the long term. We want you to quit smoking permanently.

Additionally, compared to most “Quit smoking in 60 minutes – guaranteed” programmes we’ve seen our customised two-session programme is a lot less expensive.

You can stop smoking in Brisbane even if you’re just visiting; we do provide single-session programmes for clients who travel a great distance to see us or for those who might have had prior hypnotherapy expertise.  We are always delighted to talk about the best course of action for you. We schedule a lengthy session and allot more time for these individuals. Knowing what works for you as a specific client is crucial to us, therefore.

Given the escalating cost of cigarettes, Smoke-Free is going to pay for itself relatively rapidly for the typical smoker who purchases one pack each day. Call Hypnosis Brisbane Clinic, fill out the form below, or send us an email to schedule a session to end your smoking habit for good.

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